Wills for Expats - your guide

Wills for Expats - your guide

Your guide to international wills

An Introduction to International Estate Planning product image

An Introduction to International Estate Planning

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Most of us know that we should have a will, but 53% of adults in the UK have not written a will nor have 54% of adults in the USA. Over 50% of Australian adults are also without a will.

So where do you begin?  It seems like a daunting and unpleasant task.  Writing a will requires us to consider our own mortality, so it is not surprising that people avoid it.  You face difficult decisions and awkward conversations.  But if you want to leave a legacy, preparing in life will give you peace of mind.

Browsing the internet may leave you even more confused.  DIY and cheap will offers abound, but are they sufficient for your needs?  What is an estate plan and do you need one?

My book ‘Wills Worldwide, a Guide to International Estate Planning’ aims to inform and educate you on what you should be thinking about when writing your will.  As you will discover, writing a will does require some effort from you.  Getting informed is a great start!  Hopefully, my book will inspire to get your will written and protect your legacy.

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