Weird Wills - A Battle for Billions

Weird Wills - A Battle for Billions

Weird Wills – A Battle for Billions

by | Weird Wills

If you were once known as the richest woman in Asia, it is likely there will be a battle for your billions when you die.  Known as ‘Little Sweetie’, Nina Wang was something of an eccentric.  With her hair in pigtails and always dressed in traditional Chinese clothes, she was once the 35th richest person in the world.

Nina Wang’s estate was as troubled as her life.  Worth USD $4.2 billion when she died, she was the widow of a Hong Kong chemical magnate who was kidnapped twice and disappeared in 1990.  He was finally declared dead in 1999.  His will was contested in a 6 year legal drama in which Nina was accused of fraud.  All charges were eventually dropped and she inherited his estate.

After a suspected battle with cancer, though the cause of her death has never been revealed, she died in 2007.  The day after her funeral, two wills she allegedly wrote were published in the Hong Kong press. The 2002 version gave Wang’s fortune to her charitable trust. But the 2006 will named her personal feng shui consultant and former lover, Tony Chan Chun-chuen, as the beneficiary.  The legacy was disputed in another long, costly and bitter court battle.

The charity finally won.  The judge ruled the married fortune teller and consultant was an ‘opportunist’ who had forged a will leaving the billions to him.

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